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 00 Gauge Upgrade kits

Instructions -> www.youtube.com/@micromotor

0T001G Triang/Hornby 0-4-0 Dock shunter, S.R. Suburban Motor Coach, Diesel Power Car, Diesel Pullman, V.R. T Class Diesel Locomotive, Transcontinental Diesel Locomotive, Canadian Pacific Diesel, AL1 Electric Locomotive, Hymek, Budd railcar

Replaces motor X112, X317, X410

Triang/Hornby R.55, R.155, R.156, R.157, R.159, R.253, R.308, R.352, R.353, R.552, R.555, R.753, R.758, R.763

0T002G Triang/Hornby Class 31, Class 37, Class 77-EM2

Replaces motor X247

Triang/Hornby R.351, R.357B, R.751

0T003G Triang/Hornby Class 37, Class 47, Class 4P, Class 4P Compound, Class 5, Class 52, Class 6P Patriot, Class 7MT, Class 8F, Class 8P Coronation, Class 8P Princess Royal, Standard 9F, Class 92, Class A3, Class A4, Class B17/4, Class D49, GWR 2800, GWR 2900, GWR 3800 County class, GWR 6000, Schools class and other non-BOBO locos

Hornby numbers see list in download section!

Replaces Ringfield Motor X803

0T004G Triang/Hornby Class 25, Class 29, Class 35, Class 43, Class 86, Class 90, Class 91 , Class 110, Class 253 , Class 370 and other BOBO locos

Hornby numbers see list in download section!

Replaces  Ringfield Motor X803, X1385, X8438

0T005 Hornby Class A1X Terrier, Peckett & Sons B2/W4, Rocket, Ruston Hornsby 48DS/88DS, 4wDH Sentinel

Hornby R3427, R3428, R3429, R3550, R3615, R3640, R3693, R3693X, R3694, R3694X, R3695, R3695X, R3704, R3705, R3706, R3707, R3767, R3767X, R3768, R3768X, R3780, R3780X, R3781, R3781X, R3782, R3782X, R3783, R3783X, R3809, R3810, R3811, R3811X, R3812, R3812X, R3852, R3853, R3894, R3895, R3896, R3897, R3943, R30012, R30013, R30083, R30084, R30085, R30122

Replaces  motor X7098, X7412, X7420, X7535, X7796

0T006G Hornby Class A3, Class B17/4, Class 6P Patriot, Class 7MT, Standard 9F, Gordon class, GWR 2800, Class 37, Class 47, Thomas the train

Hornby numbers see list in download section!

Replaces  Ringfield China Motor X9024

model not included!